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To help us keep track of all our wonderful volunteers, please use the form below to provide the requested information. 

To be sure we have a fair competition that is fully staffed with volunteers representing the entire state of Illinois, we require each team to nominate *ONE* judge/volunteer to serve at competition.   Given that OM is a volunteer-run program, we (fellow volunteers) rely on this team of kind people who donate some time for the participants.

IMPORTANT: Because volunteers will be working in roles that require their full attention and commitment for the day, we cannot accept volunteer nominations for parents of participating students or other family/friends who want to see a particular team perform.  The reason for this is that volunteers are unable to leave their volunteering site/position to see teams compete. So, when you are nominating a volunteer please  keep this in mind!

Judge/Volunteer Registration
Which competition(s) can you attend?

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