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Are you a first year team or coach and don't know where/how to get started?  Maybe you're a returning team that is looking for some fresh ideas for approaching this year's Odyssey of the Mind season?

Never fear!  Illinois Odyssey of the Mind created a *FREE* resource for our Illinois teams (and teams around the world) to help navigate the Odyssey of the Mind program.  Odyssey Academy is an online video series that will take your team from Point A to Point Z. Start with the first video in the series to get a sense for what OM is, then proceed to watch each additional video at your own pace. By the end of the series, you'll be completely ready to compete in the Odyssey of the Mind program!

You can access the Odyssey Academy video series by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following link:


Each Odyssey of the Mind association around the world has pins and shirts that represent their state or country.  Illinois is no different!


Teams are encouraged to pre-order their shirts and pins prior to the Illinois tournament so that their merchandise is available for pick-up at the sign-in desk the morning of competition. 


Note: All teams representing Illinois at World Finals are *required* to have shirts.  Pins are always optional, but pin trading is huge at World Finals - it's a great way to meet people from around the world, so we encourage all team members to purchase at least a few pins to trade.


To order your shirts and pins, please visit Illinois OM store here.


Be sure to check out this video (at right) we made for new coaches in Illinois, and then check out the Odyssey Academy for a detailed, step-by-step guide to successful participation in OM! And don't worry: if you want some one-on-one time with OM experts, our volunteers are happy to do a personalized coach training/Q&A.  Just let us know by emailing our Association Director:

Coaches' Training_Screenshot.png

Clicking the image above will take you to a YouTube video about being an OM coach!


The Odyssey of the Mind year begins each September and concludes each May at the international Odyssey of the Mind World Finals where teams from around the world present their solutions.


The Illinois Odyssey of the Mind tournament takes place in mid-to-late March and alternates between southern (near St. Louis) and northern (near Chicago) hosting sites.


The day of the Illinois tournament teams from all over the Land of Lincoln meet to present their solutions.  The 1st and 2nd place teams advance to the World Finals competition where they represent Illinois and compete to be the world champions!


Information on this year's Illinois Odyssey of the Mind tournament will be posted to the main page of this website.  Note: the competition schedule is usually posted one week prior to the scheduled competition, as the schedule cannot be created until judge trainings have been completed.


As a reminder, all teams who wish to compete at the tournament must have 1) an Odyssey of the Mind membership, and 2) be registered to compete with the Illinois association.  Information on how to do this can be found here.


Have questions that aren't answered here? Let's Talk.​

"Odyssey of the Mind is easily the most rewarding school activity in which children can participate.  There is a clear, direct correlation between my team members' talents and their current professions: Maureen was our balsa structure builder - she's now an architect; Brandy designed our costumes - she started her own bakery beautiful, elaborate cake designs; Ben and I wrote our skits and 'sold our show' - we both work in marketing.  Odyssey changes young people's lives, which is why it is so important for us to bring the program to as many kids of all ages as possible!"

Dr. James A. Mourey, Jr. - 29 year Omer (10 participating, 20+ volunteering)

"My wife found this program called Odyssey of the Mind, looking to give our children a chance to be creative and solve problems.  I wasn't sure what it was all about, but once we saw how our children and their school friends were challenged to solve problems creatively - working as a team without adults doing any of the work - we were hooked!  Our journey continued through coaching, several World Finals and now, as my children have grown, into being a State Judge.  As a teacher, I have also taken the OotM concepts into the classroom.  What a great journey it has been!"

Pete Schoedel - Parent, Coach, and State Judge since 2001



This page contains resources for Illinois teams, coaches, and memberships who have already registered with the international Odyssey of the Mind HQ.  If you have already registered for the current Odyssey of the Mind academic year, please check the links below for information on participating in the Illinois Odyssey of the Mind tournament!

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