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You've cracked the code, 

You clever sleuth,

But there's more fun to be had,

And that's the truth!

We gave you a puzzle,

That you solved so well,

But now it's your turn,

Do you have a puzzle to tell?

You can go online,

As long as your parents allow it,

To share a riddle or puzzle,

So that other people can solve it!

Go to Facebook to find us,

Illinois Odyssey of the Mind,

And then post your riddle or puzzle,

And see if people solve it over time!

Make it tricky, make it funny,

Stump the world with your wit,

And, like any Omer should,

Add some creativity to it!

And if you are so lucky to go,

To World Finals in Ames,

Come to Classics Division III/IV,

And share your fun riddle games!

For as much as we're glad,

That you've solved our mystery (that's true),

The greatest joy we have,

Is hearing creative ideas from you!

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