Hey, teams! So, you're looking for some feedback prior to submitting your solution to the virtual World Finals competition? Awesome! We're here to help! 

IMPORTANT: You will want to visit on April 1 (or after) to see the details of what is required for the virtual World Finals competition. The information here pertains only to the submissions to receive feedback in Illinois prior to World Finals.

To get feedback from your Illinois volunteer judges, you can submit *whatever you want* - videos, mock-ups, story boards, etc. - that conveys to the judges all the details of your solution.  When you are ready, you will upload those documents/files to the Dropbox link below.  Be sure to include your team's name, problem, and division in your file names so we can link them all together for scoring feedback! For example: 

Script: SpringdaleElementary_ClassicsAesopGoneViral_DivII_File1

Backdrop Mockup: SpringdaleElementary_ClassicsAesopGoneViral_DivII_File2

Character 1: SpringdaleElementary_ClassicsAesopGoneViral_DivII_File3

Character 2: SpringdaleElementary_ClassicsAesopGoneViral_DivII_File4

Character 3 (Style element): SpringdaleElementary_ClassicsAesopGoneViral_DivII_File5

You can actually click on those links and see some examples of what you might submit. Literally anything that conveys your team's solution and can be uploaded can be submitted for feedback and submit as many files as you want!

And please don't forget to submit your required forms, as well!  You can access copies here (and type up and submit your problem-specific required list).

Whenever you are ready to submit your work, upload it at the Dropbox link below no later than May 1, 2020!

Ready to submit your solution files?

Click HERE to upload your documents and media files!